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18-Feb-10 03:21
This community & the way it was died a long time ago, so I emptied it and am now trying to reinvent it. I thought this was such a good name for this "theme" or whatever to call it, so I decided to ~recycle~ it instead of registering a brand new one... (which coincidentally goes really well along with what I've got planned for this place!) Anyhoo, I'd really appreciate some thoughts & feedback on this! Help!

PS. If you found diamantaires through a received invitation in your inbox, it's because I've sent out a whole bunch of them to random people I don't know but whom I thought seemed crafty or stylish or both. So please regard it as a compliment! :)

Diamantaire noun : A highly skilled craftsman or artisan
responsible for cutting, polishing and transforming a rough
stone into a finished diamond ready for setting.

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→ about diamantaires

A diamantaire turns something "unpolished" into a work of art, which is similar to what we do here. We recycle, remake & reinvent. We customize, modify & alter. Not only is re-usage ecological and economical, it's also an easy way to be creative and expressive. This is where it's half DIY & whole fun! As long as it's wearable, it's contributable.

The thing is that lately I've been so inspired by all the amazing things people do with their crafty little hands. I know there's a lot of DIY communities out there, but a lot of them seem to be overflooded with ad after ad after ad linked to (usually teenage-emo-gothy) etsy / ebay shops. Which is all cool, if that's the kind of thing you like. I, basically, don't... and I assume there's more people like me, even on lj. What I've been searching for was an inspiring, well kept together community where spamming was a no-no and content was the key. I've been looking for a community for the showcasing of that old hat you found in the attic and crocheted a floral decoration for, or for the diy-tutorial on that second-hand cardigan that you added studs to the shoulders of. As I couldn't find one, I decided to reinvent (pun is intended!) this community that died a long time ago, even before it even began to live. So, welcome to diamantaires — where we're the artisans and where the hidden possibilities in the rough diamonds comes forth and crystal (diamondy) clear. And, to add a bit of twist and not have this community blend in with the giant blur of all the other craft-comms, I figured that maybe this could be a spot for goods that you didn't make from scratch, but which you did add a personal touch to.

→ posting rules & directives

  1. If the topic of your post is wearable, it's welcome here! If you've got something else of aesthetic value to offer that cannot be worn but you still think would fit in, feel free to either give it a go or ask me about it first (in the comments of this entry).

  2. Trying to keep a high standard of the community, please put some effort in what you're posting. We're not expecting textual and visual masterpieces, but being well spoken and having photos of good quality is encouraged. I'm moderating posts, which means I get to choose which ones will be approved.

  3. If you're posting several pictures, use an lj-cut. You can keep one image outside the cut, as long as it's not bigger than 500 pixels wide.

      code for making an lj-cut:

      code for posting a picture:

      Picture hosting suggestions: TinyPic, Photobucket & ImageShack.

  4. Do not post ads for your online shops. In fact, don't post ads at all! Nor promotions! If you absolutely have to, then sneak in a regular text link in a regular post. Posts containing only ads/promos and not anything of a contribution to this community will not get accepted. Feel free to add the link to your shop in the shop listing though.

  5. Including some info about exactly what changes you've made to your pieces would be really nice & it'd help the viewers clear up possible questions!

  6. Please tag your posts!

→ frequently asked questions (or, at the mo', what I guess they'd be)

  1. What can I expect to find here?
    Tough question, as this community's just started. But hopefully it will be a place where you can find all sorts of wardrobe-related craftiness, creativity, stylishness, and last but not least; inspiration!

  2. My post did not get approved, why is that?
    Chances are that I thought it was irrelevant, not related to the community theme, or that it for some reason did not fit the community standards. If you strongly disagree with this, or are curious of what was wrong, feel free to contact me and I'm sure we can sort things out!

  3. How do I use the tags?
    If you're not familiar with tagging your posts, I think the easiest way to do it is to add them after your entry has been posted on this community, by clicking on the "edit tags" link beneath your post. There you'll see a list of available tags that you can choose from. (Also see a list of available tags here.)

    & Here's the deal:

    1. Say you've added sequins to your piece, then use the "+sequins"-tag. All the tags with the plus-sign in front of them is for the things you've added to the piece, not for what was there to begin with. If you've added something that isn't on the list & you'd like to see there, let me know and I'll get it fixed! And if you didn't add anything new, then just nevermind these tags!

    2. The tags going by names such as "skirts", "cardigans", "legwear", et.c., are pretty obvious how to use, I guess! Simply add all the ones that apply.

    3. If you're posting a point-to-point description of how you made your piece, add the "!tutorials"-tag.

    4. Looking for some advice, ideas, suggestions, thoughts or help? Then add the "!advice"-tag.

    5. If you're posting or linking to a customizing/modifying idea that isn't your own but you wanted to share, use the "!inspiration"-tag.

    6. Ignore the "!information"-tag, that one's for mod-posts about the community.

    (More coming soon!)

→ additional queries?

Or perchance ideas, thoughts and propositions? Comment on this entry, and ask / suggest away!
18-Feb-10 13:23 (UTC)
can i post pictures of the art i make with recycled stuff? :D
18-Feb-10 13:35 (UTC)
Truth is, I actually had you & your art in mind when I wrote that part because I'd really want to include inspiring things like that, but I still don't want to turn this into a random recycling community. Having given it some though, I think I'll make a tag for "unwearable" posts or whatever, and there's the wormhole for that! :) So — YEAH! You can definitely post!
18-Feb-10 13:36 (UTC)

Haha it just made no sense like that.
18-Feb-10 13:42 (UTC)
AND ALSO by "wormhole" I obviously meant LOOPHOLE, haha. It's obvious I really shouldn't even attempt communicating today.
18-Feb-10 13:44 (UTC)
i prefer wormhole, actually ^_^
18-Feb-10 13:40 (UTC)
Oh btw, you've made some brooches haven't you? You should clearly post those!
18-Feb-10 13:43 (UTC)
i HAVE! and so i will! i've made a few different felt pins as well- so i'll post stuff like that instead of my regular art [and of course i won't advertise, i
ll only do photos!]
18-Feb-10 13:48 (UTC)
Excellent! I mean you can do the art posts as well but the pins & brooches would be exactly what I had in mind for the community! :) I think I need to rewrite the promotion/advertisement bit, because I think it's only fair that people should get the word out there that "these things are for sale" somehow, but I still need to figure out exactly how. I'd hate to have this turn into another diy-sale spot!
18-Feb-10 13:52 (UTC)
i like it when the photo links to something for sale, or if it's a link at the bottom, not a massive HEYA I'M SELLING STUFF OK? OK!!!! posting the linke 7 times in a row. bah. maybe wait a bit until the comm grows until people can list their shops/links?
18-Feb-10 13:53 (UTC)
or OH! have one page that's like a resources list? so people could post their links in comments in one place?
18-Feb-10 13:58 (UTC)
Ahh I really like all of these ideas! The layout theme I'm using actually lets me make some sort of guestbook post/page, I should try that out and see how it works & maybe I find some clever way to use that as a resource listing.
(Deleted comment)
30-May-10 15:08 (UTC)
Oh DEFINITELY! Jewelry posts would be loooved.

Asking advice is totally okay as well, there's an "!advice"-tag that you can use for those posts. :)
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